A New Unit Distribution: Properties, Inference, and Applications


We propose a new bounded distribution called the Marshall{Olkin reducedKies distribution, which is a competitive model to the generalized beta, Kumaraswamy and beta distributions. It is able to model both negative andpositive skewed data. Eight classical estimation methods are used to estimateits parameters. A simulation study is conducted to compare the performanceof the dierent estimators. The performance ordering of these estimators isexplored using partial and overall ranks to determine the best estimationmethod. Two COVID-19 data sets on to recovering and death rates in Spainare analyzed to show the exibility of the new distribution to model suchdata. The expected values of the rst and last order statistics are used toestimate the minimum and maximum recovery and death rates.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v15n2p438

Keywords: COVID-19 data, death rate, Marshall{Olkin family, maximum likelihood estimation, recovery , reduced-Kies distribution


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