Accuracy of computer guided implant dentistry: a permutation testing approach


The aim of this paper was to analyze the accuracy of computer-guided template-based implant dentistry by comparing implant position in the virtual project and that actual reached in the bones. For this purpose we considered a study involving 17 healthy patients subjected to an implant surgical session with the insertion of implants with an external connection. Data from this study do not follow a well defined sampling procedure, and (multivariate) data do not follow a (multivariate) normal distribution, thus traditional parametric approaches were not recommend. Analysis with a non- parametric procedure based on permutation tests and nonparametric combination methodology revealed that significant discrepancies exist between the planned and actual implant position.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v12n2p542

Keywords: computer-guided implant dentistry; permutation tests; non- parametric combination; multivariate analysis


Fortunato Pesarin Università di Padova,

Ernesto Toma, Unversità di Bari

Antonella Massari, Università di Bari

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