Different Estimation Methods and Joint Condence Region for the Inverse Burr Distribution Based on Progressively First-Failure Censored Sample with Application to the Nanodroplet Data


In this article, the point and interval estimation of parameters for an in-verse Burr distribution based on progressively rst-failure censored sampleis studied. In point estimation, the maximum likelihood and Bayesian meth-ods are developed for estimating the unknown parameters. An expectation-maximization algorithm is applied for computing the maximum likelihoodestimators. The Bayes estimates relative to both the symmetric and asym-metric loss functions are provided using the Lindley's approximation andthe Metropolis-Hastings algorithm. In interval estimation, approximate andexact condence intervals with the exact condence region for the two parameters have been introduced. Moreover, the proposed methods are carriedout to a real data set contains the spreading of nanodroplet impingementonto a solid surface in order to demonstrate the applicabilities.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i20705948v12n2p341

Keywords: Expectation-Maximization algorithm; Exact condence inter- val; Exact condence region; Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm; Nanodroplet; Progressively rst-failure censoring.


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