Volume 43, issue 2 (2023)

Title page Details     PDF

On Jordan ideals with generalized left derivations in 3-prime Near-rings Details     PDF
Abdelkarim Boua, Abderrahmane Raji, Adel En-Guady 1-12

A proof of the Hamiltonian Thom isotopy Lemma Details     PDF
Paolo Antonini, Fabio Cavalletti, Antonio Lerario 13-26

Limiting sets in digital topology Details     PDF
Laurence Boxer 27-48

On locally homogeneous contact metric manifolds with Reeb flow invariant Jacobi operator Details     PDF
Antonio Lotta 49-54

Further aspects of quasi statistical convergence of sequences Details     PDF
Chiranjib Choudhury 55-66

Genus One Almost Simple Groups of Lie Rank Two Details     PDF
Haval M. Mohammed Salih 67-82

Investigation of some special tensor fields on space-times with holonomy algebras Details     PDF
Bahar Kırık Rácz, Cihat Kılınç, Ramazan Toplu 83-98

Helix Surfaces in Lorentzian ambient spaces Details     PDF
Lorenzo Pellegrino 99-128

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details     PDF

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