Volume 38, Issue 2 (2018)

Increasing sequences of sets and preservation of properties Details     PDF
Marco Baronti, Pier Luigi Papini 1-10

On a conjecture about the autotopism group of the Figueroa's presemifields of order p^n Details     PDF
Walter Meléndez, Moisés Delgado 11-20

Certain results on N(k)-paracontact metric manifolds Details     PDF
Krishanu Mandal, Dhananjoy Mandal 21-34

On May Modules of Finite Rank and the Jacobson Radicals of Their Endomorphism Rings Details     PDF
Mary Flagg, Patrick W. Keef 35-54

On the ranks of homogeneous polynomials of degree at least 9 and border rank 5 Details     PDF
Edoardo Ballico 55-92

Inequalities concerning the (p,k)-gamma and (p,k)-polygamma functions Details     PDF
Kwara Nantomah 93-104

Derivation subalgebras of Lie algebras Details     PDF
F. Saeedi, S. Sheikh-Mohseni 105-116

On the reciprocity theorem of Ramanujan and its applications Details     PDF
D. D. Somashekara, K. N. Vidya 117-124

On a perturbation of a class of Schr"odinger systems in L^2-spaces Details     PDF
Luciana Angiuli, Luca Lorenzi, Elisabetta M. Mangino 125-138

Index Details     PDF

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