Volume 17 (1997)

NdM_vol17_1997 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

Operators of solution for convolution equations Details     PDF
J. Bonet, C. Fernandez, R. Meise 1-12

On the Cauchy problem for nonlinear evolution equations and regularity of solutions Details     PDF
Markus Poppenberg 13-28

Extension of analyticity for solutions of partial differential operators Details     PDF
Michael Langenbruch 29-59

Coefficient multipliers with closed range Details     PDF
Leonhard Frerick 61-70

Hankel operators on generalized Bergman-Hardy spaces Details     PDF
Wolfgang Lusky, Bettina Rehberg 71-86

Weighted spaces of holomorphic functions and sequence spaces Details     PDF
Josè Bonet, Dietmar Vogt 87-97

Invariant m-characteristics for Köthe spaces Details     PDF
P.B. Djakov, T. Terzioglu, V.P. Zahariuta 99-111

The quasi-equivalence problem for a class Köthe spaces Details     PDF
Bora Arslan, Mefharet Kocatepe 113-120

Pairs of finite-type power series spaces Details     PDF
P.A. Chalov, M.M. Dragilev, V.P. Zahariuta 121-142

Decompositions of Montel Köthe sequence spaces Details     PDF
Juan Carlos Díaz 143-152

Natural norms on symmetric tensor products of normed spaces Details     PDF
Klaus Floret 153-188

On the "three-space-problem" for spaces of polynomials Details     PDF
Josè M. Ansemil, Fernando Blasco, Socorro Ponte 189-195

Transfer arguments for spaces of operators and tensor products Details     PDF
Andreas Defant, Alfredo Peris 197-207

Diagonal operators, s-numbers and Bernstein pairs Details     PDF
Asuman G. Aksoy, Grzegorz Lewicki 209-216

Countably enlarging weak barrelledness Details     PDF
Stephen A. Saxon, L.M. Sánchez Ruiz, Ian Tweddle 217-233

Theproduct theory for inner premeasures Details     PDF
Heinz König 235-249

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e-ISSN: 1590-0932