Volume 24 (2017) - Special Issue

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English Lingua Franca: Expanding scenarios and growing dilemmas Details     pdf
Marina Morbiducci 1-260

Frontespizio Details     pdf

Table of Contents Details     pdf

Reflecting on English Lingua Franca today: Expanding scenarios and growing dilemmas. Some introductory remarks Details     pdf
Marina Morbiducci 7-22

Competence, capability and virtual language Details     pdf
Barbara Seidlhofer, Henry Widdowson 23-36

Communicative ‘success’, creativity and the need for de-mystifying L1 use: Some thoughts on ELF and ELT Details     pdf
Marie-Luise Pitzl 37-46

English as a Lingua Franca in the academic world: Trends and dilemmas Details     pdf
Maurizio Gotti 47-72

ELF in Model United Nations Simulations. When East meets West Details     pdf
Donna Tatsuki 73-86

Modern and ancient migrants’ narratives through ELF. An Experiential-Linguistic project in Responsible Tourism Details     pdf
Maria Grazia Guido, Lucia Errico, Pietro Luigi Iaia, Cesare Amatulli 87-124

ELF and linguistic accessibility in EU migration laws. A Critical Discourse Analysis on text reformulations Details     pdf
Mariarosaria Provenzano 125-137

Towards a corpus pragmatics of ELF through semi-automated annotation systems Details     pdf
Laura Centonze 139-156

A phonopragmatic analysis of ELF spoken interactions Details     pdf
Sivia Sperti 157-184

Immunologically speaking: Oral examinations, ELF and EMI Details     pdf
Hugo Bowles 185-201

ELF in the English classroom. Great ideas and burning open questions Details     pdf
Enrico Grazzi 203-223

Voicing beliefs and dilemmas from WE- and ELF-aware reflective teacher education contexts Details     pdf
Lucilla Lopriore 225-237

The plurality of English and ELF in teacher education. Raising awareness of the ‘feasibility’ of a WE- and ELF-aware approach in classroom practices Details     pdf
Paola Vettorel 239-257

Colophon Details     pdf

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