The practice of literary translation. An Italian perspective - Fulltext version


The volume focuses on the practice of literary translating between Italian and English as seen by both academics and the translators themselves. The main thrust of the book is on the linguistic, cultural and extra-linguistic factors (including author-translator relationship) which play a key role in the literary translation decision-making process. The translations discussed cover a variety of literary sub-genres ranging from poetry  and drama to fiction, and from the classics to chick-lit. Thanks to its strong focus on the practice of literary translation and its three sections, the book will appeal to a wide readership, which includes all those studying or working in the field of literary translation (in particular, those working between Italian and English). Translation scholars in general will find the practical experiences described in the volume of extreme value, as translators discuss how key issues, theories, and debates in Translation Studies have influenced their practice.

Keywords: literary translation

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