Analysing English as a Lingua Franca in Migration Movies: Pragmalinguistic Features, Socio-cognitive Implications and Translation Issues - 2015

Pietro Luigi Iaia Full Version (PDF)

 Analysing English as a Lingua Franca in Migration Movies - CovereISBN: 978-88-8305-112-8

This book introduces a novel approach to the analysis and translation of "migration movies", featuring cross-cultural interactions in immigration domains. More specifically, it explores the extent to which the discursive and audiovisual constructions of movie characters representing non-native speakers of English stem from the script authors' background knowledge of lingua-franca variations - marked by lexical, syntactic and phonetic deviations from the Standard English norms - which they turn into 'scripted variations' to represent status asymmetries in intercultural exchanges. Such asymmetries - this book contends - need to be rendered into equivalent linguacultural ways during the dubbing-translation process by resorting to parallel 'scripted' lingua-franca variations of the target language. To this purpose, the book introduces a number of stimulating translation strategies to be exploited in university courses of audio-visual translation and intercultural mediation.


DOI Code: 10.1285/i9788883051128

Table of Contents

Title Page     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 1-2

Table of Contents     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 3-4

Introduction     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 5-8

Chapter 1 - Film Construction and Translation     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 9-22

Chapter 2 - Lingua-Franca Variations and Film Interactions     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 23-32

Chapter 3 - The Selected Films and Research Objectives     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 33-34

Chapter 4 - Bend It like Beckham     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 35-40

Chapter 5 - Blood Diamond     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 41-48

Chapter 6 - Brick Lane     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 49-52

Chapter 7 - It’s a Free World     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 53-60

Chapter 8 - Looking for Alibrandi     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 61-68

Chapter 9 - Lamerica     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 69-76

Conclusions     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 77-80

References     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 81-84

Colophon     PDF
Pietro Luigi Iaia 85-86

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