Destino della tecnica e futuro del cristianesimo: tra Provviscienza e salvaguardia della libertà = The Destiny of Technology and Future of Christianity: between Proviscience and the Safeguarding of Freedom


The future of technology is intertwined with the future of Christianity. According to Italian philosopher Emanuele Severino, science and religion have a common origin and proceed towards a common destiny. In the modern age, the biblical category of "promise" has been transformed into that of "scientific progress". What does it mean to speak of freedom now? We are in the age of provviscience. This neologism shows the atheistic and nihilistic character of Western philosophy because it entrusts the fate of humanity to scientific and technological progress. For many philosophers (Y. N. Harari, Natoli, Galimberti) it no longer makes sense to speak of human will and divine providence because technology already represents the fulfilment of the ideal of redemption announced by Christianity. Going back to the reflection on the ontology of freedom proposed by the Italian philosopher Luigi Pareyson, we can reposition the question of freedom as a central in the West philosophy and we can give back the primacy of human-divine mystery of freedom over the scientific algorithm.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVIIn104p128

Keywords: Severino; Pareyson; Nihilism; Datism; Provviscience

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