Paolo Antonio Foscarini: Visioni astronomiche e pre-visioni meteorologiche = Paolo Antonio Foscarini: Astronomical visions and meteorological pre-visions


The essay means to highlight some of the epistemological causes that, in the Modern Age, led to the separation between two sciences that have historically walked together for centuries: astronomy and meteorology. In these circumstances, two writings composed in 1615 by a follower of Galilei, the carmelite Paolo Antonio Foscarini from Calabria, are considered to be the best to understand the different scientific path the two disciplines have made in the following centuries. There will also be some critics towards the official historiography, sometimes in my opinion, not so unlighted in the exaltation of one discipline in spite of the other.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVn100p103

Keywords: Foscarini; Astronomy; Meteorology; Historiography; Epistemology

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