La querelle des femmes: una tradizione politica


In this paper we analyse the political nature of the Querelle des Femmes. I will use as a reference point the speeches in defence of women, or philogynistic, which develop as a reaction to misogyny during this debate. We will study this subject trying to understand what entails, especially for women, the appearance of such speeches during the Querelle. Discourses where is engendered a positive image of feminine sex which goes against and contradicts the foundations of misogyny. We are dealing with speeches which women elaborate by themselves, speaking in public for the first time. The word (oral or written) represents the way to participate in politics in the Querelle des Femmes, a political praxis where the women, and the men too, are the protagonists.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIIn94p134

Keywords: Querelle des Femmes; Misogyny; Christine de Pizan; Politics; Works on defence of women

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