Publication History

The journal, founded in 1987 at the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the University of Salento, in collaboration with the "Italian Centre for Phenomenological Research" in Rome, has been classified by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System (ANVUR) as a "scientific journal". The title Segni e Comprensione identifies the editorial proposal: to establish a journal as a phenomenological-hermeneutical tool for investigating the issues of contemporary philosophical-educational debate. In fact, in these three decades the journal has been a significant national and international crossroads of knowledge and methods, which through theoretical elaboration have enriched the philosophical and cultural landscape of our time: from the philosophy of existence to sociology and pedagogy, from the philosophy of language to psychology, up to issues related to current events. The journal publishes original articles and book reviews.


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e-ISSN: 1828-5368