Volume 10, suppl. 2 (1990)

NdM_supplvol10_n2_1990 - Cover ISSN: 1123-2536
e-ISSN: 1590-0932 

Smooth points of the positive part of the unit ball of C(K, E) Details     PDF
R. Grzaslewicz, H.H. Schaefer 273-282

A character-theory-free characterization of the simple groups M_{11} and L<sub>3</sub>(3) Details     PDF
Dieter Held, Jörg Hrabe De Angelis 283-304

Stabilization by free products giving rise to Andrews-Curtis equivalences Details     PDF
Cynthia Hog-Angeloni, Wolfgang Metzler 305-314

Aglimpse at isoalgebraic spaces Details     PDF
Roland Huber, Manfred Knebusch 315-336

Homogeneous pseudo-Kählerian manifolds: a hamiltonian viewpoint Details     PDF
A.T. Huckleberry 337-342

Superconvex sets and σ-convex sets, and the embedding of convex and superconvex spaces Details     PDF
Heinz Konig, Gerd Wittstock 343-362

Anelementary proof for the non-parallelizability of oriented grassmannians Details     PDF
Rolf Kultze 363-367

Surjectivity of partial differential operators in classes of ultradifferentiable functions of Roumieu type Details     PDF
Michael Langenbruch 369-388

Acharacterization of Lagrangian dual problems Details     PDF
J.E. Martinez-Legaz, I. Singer 389-394

Remarks on John's theorem on the ellipsoid of maximal volume inscribed into a convex symmetric body in Rn Details     PDF
Aleksander Pelczynski 395-410

Sequences of ideal norms Details     PDF
Albrecht Pietsch 411-441

On projections on subspaces of finite codimension Details     PDF
S. Rolewicz 443-451

Restgliedabschätzungen für die stirlingsche Reihe Details     PDF
F.W. Schäfke, A. Sattler 453-470

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e-ISSN: 1590-0932