Volume 37, suppl. 1 (2017)

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Rao-Geodesic distance on the generalized gamma manifold: Study of three sub-manifolds and application in the Texture Retrieval domain Details     PDF
Zakariae Abbad, Ahmed Drissi El Maliani, Said Ouatik Alaoui, Mohammed El Hassouni 1-18

Trajectories on real hypersurfaces of type (A2) which can be seen as circles in a complex hyperbolic space Details     PDF
Toshiaki Adachi 19-34

Lorentzian manifolds with transitive conformal group Details     PDF
Dmitri Alekseevsky 35-48

On a generalization of geodesic and magnetic curves Details     PDF
Cornelia-Livia Bejan, Oldrich Kowalski 49-58

Introduction to graded bundles Details     PDF
Andrew James Bruce, Katarzyna Grabowska, Janusz Grabowski 59-74

Complex geometry of real hyperboloids Details     PDF
Simon Gindikin 75-86

G2 fibre bundle structure on an oriented 3-dimensional manifold Details     PDF
Hideya Hashimoto, Misa Ohashi 87-92

Local controllability of trident snake robot based on sub-Riemannian extremals Details     PDF
Jaroslav Hrdina 93-102

Harmonic geometric structures: the general theory and the cases of almost complex and almost contact structures Details     PDF
Eric Loubeau 103-118

On geometric control models of a robotic snake Details     PDF
Aleš Návrat, Petr Vašík 119-130

Estimates on arc-lengths of trajectory-fronts for surface magnetic fields Details     PDF
Qingsong Shi 131-140

Holonomic spaces Details     PDF
Pedro Solórzano 141-160

Inequalities for algebraic Casorati curvatures and their applications Details     PDF
Mukut Mani Tripathi 161-186

Determining the number of Killing tensors by (linear) algebra Details     PDF
Andreas Vollmer 187-200

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