Volume 35, Issue 1 (2015)

Title pages Details     PDF

Postulation of general unions of lines and decorated lines Details     PDF
Edoardo Ballico 1-14

Separation of unitary representations of certain Cartan motion groups Details     PDF
Majdi Ben Halima, Aymen Rahali 15-22

Postulation of general unions of lines and multiplicity two points in \mathbb {P}^r, r \leq 5 Details     PDF
Edoardo Ballico 23-56

Groups as the union of fusion classes Details     PDF
Harsha Arora, Ram Karan 57-66

Spectral properties of operators obtained by localization methods Details     PDF
Giorgio Metafune, M. Sobajima, Chiara Spina 67-74

On an initial-value problem for second order partial di erential equations with self-reference Details     PDF
Nguyen T.T. Lan 75-93

Solvability for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional integro-di erential equations Details     PDF
Mohamed Amin Abdellaoui, Zoubir Dahmani 95-107

On sets of type (m,h)_2 in PG(3,q) with m\leq q Details     PDF
Vito Napolitano 109-123

Generalized Lie's Series Details     PDF
Antonio Avantaggiati, Eduardo Pascali 125-133

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details    

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