Volume 34, Issue 2 (2014)

Title pages Details     PDF

On a theorem of D. Ryabogin and V. Yaskin about detecting symmetry Details     PDF
E. Makai, H. Martini, T. Odor 1-5

Quantitative conditions for the existence of low-order spin-orbit resonances Details     PDF
F. Antognini 7-22

On the structure of involutions and symmetric spaces of dihedral groups Details     PDF
K. K. A. Cunningham, T. Edgar, A. G. Helminck, B. F. Jones, H. Oh, R. Schwell, J. F. Vasquez 23-40

On Certain New Modular Relations for the Rogers-Ramanujan Type Functions of Order Ten and Applications to Partitions Details     PDF
C. Adiga, N. A. Saeed Bulkhali 41-74

New modular relations for cubics class invariants Details     PDF
M. S. Mahadeva Naika, S. Chandankumar, B. Hemanthkumar 75-90

A Quantitative Characterization of Some Finite Simple Groups Through Order and Degree Pattern Details     PDF
A. R. Moghaddamfar, S. Rahbariyan 91-106

On Killing vector fields on a tangent bundle with g-natural metric Part I Details     PDF
S. Ewert-Krzemieniewski 107-134

The intersection graph of ideals of a lattice Details     PDF
M. Afkhami, K. Khashyarmanesh 135-144

A Composition Formula of the Pathway Integral Transform Operator Details     PDF
D. Baleanu, P. Agarwal 145-156

On left univocal factorizations of semigroups Details     PDF
M. M. Miccoli 157-162

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details     PDF

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