Volume 30, Issue 2 (2010)

Existence of limits of analytic one-parameter semigroups of copulas Details     PDF
William F. Darsow, Elwood T. Olsen 1-14

Classifications and Isolation Phenomena of Bi-Harmonic Maps and Bi-Yang-Mills Fields Details     PDF
Toshiyuki Ichiyama, Jun-ichi Inoguchi, Hajime Urakawa 15-48

Generalised Cauchy-Riemann Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Kenmotsu Manifolds Details     PDF
Ram Shankar Gupta, Ahmad Sharfuddin 49-60

Two Modular Equationsfor Squares of the Cubic-functions with Applications Details     PDF
K.R. Vasuki, G. Sharath, K.R. Rajanna 61-72

Existence and uniqueness of solutions of certain second order nonlinear equations Details     PDF
H.L. Tidke, M.B. Dhakne 73-82

Global stability for a four dimensional epidemic model Details     PDF
Bruno Buonomo, Deborah Lacitignola 83-96

A characterization of the affine Hall triple systems defined by groups of exponent 3 Details     PDF
Domenico Lenzi 97-100

Vector space partitions and designs Part II – constructions Details     PDF
Vikram Jha, Norman L. Johnson 101-106

Groups with few non-((locally finite)-by-Baer) subgroups Details     PDF
Abdelhafid Badis, Nadir Trabelsi 107-112

On L_{1}-Convergence\\ of the r-th Derivative of Cosine Series\\ with r-quasi convex coefficients Details     PDF
N.L. Braha, Xh. Z. Krasniqi 113-120

Groups with few non-normal cyclic subgroups Details     PDF
Davide Oggionni, Gianluca Ponzoni, Vittoria Zambelli 121-134

A note on |N,p,q|_{k},\, (1\leq k\leq 2) summability of orthogonal series Details     PDF
Xhevat Z. Krasniqi 135-140

On the Action of \Gamma ^0(N) on \hat{\mathbb{Q}} Details     PDF
Bahadır Özgür Güler, Serkan Kader 141-148

A characterization of groups of exponent p which are nilpotent of class at most 2 Details     PDF
Domenico Lenzi 149-154

Operators between Approximation Spaces Details     PDF
M.A. Fugarolas 155-164

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