Volume 42 (2021) Special Issue

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Argumentation, Ideology and Discourse in Evolving Specialized Communication Details     pdf
Janet Bowker, Ersilia Incelli, Chiara Prosperi Porta 1-220

Title page Details     pdf

Table of contents Details     pdf

Introduction Details     pdf
Janet Bowker 7-22

Contesting international trade agreements: argumentation patterning in embedded discourses Details     pdf
Janet Bowker 23-49

Argumentative topoi seen from a discourse analytic perspective Details     pdf
Chiara Degano 51-75

“But what’s so bad about inequality?” Ideological positioning and argumentation in the representation of economic inequality in the British press Details     pdf
Ersilia Incelli 77-100

Exploring ideological messages in newspaper editorials and news reports on the first human gene-editing case Details     pdf
Jekaterina Nikitina 101-122

Framing argument for specialised knowledge: interactional metadiscourse markers in economics and law research articles Details     pdf
Girolamo Tessuto 123-150

Social media platforms and civic engagement. Exploring the discursive construction of the Facebook Manifesto Details     pdf
Ilaria Moschini 151-172

The discursive topicalisation of trust, ethics and ideology in European security issues Details     pdf
Chiara Prosperi Porta 173-194

The discursive creation of ideology in the contemporary Chinese political context Details     pdf
Bettina Mottura 195-212

Endnote Details     pdf
Susan Hunston 213-218

Colophon Details     PDF

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