Da The Tempest di Shakespeare al discorso europeo sulle migrazioni. Un’analisi critica comparativa


Abstract – The present chapter aims at comparing the modern voyages of migrants especially from Africa towards Europe, to Shakespeare’s work The Tempest, by focusing on some parallel lines of enquiry. Specifically, the focus is placed on the perception that the relation of Prospero in Shakespeare’s work to the native inhabitant of the island, Caliban, may be compared in its complexity to the image of the European Union as the political institution imposing the legal instruments to manage modern migrations across the Mediterranean. Such a relationship is investigated here from a lingua-cultural perspective, pointing out the challenges that the encounter between the two different backgrounds of the participants may create in terms of communication and cultural exchange.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v27p323

Keywords: legal discourse; accessibility; migrations; European Union; The Tempest


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