Testo, contesto e scelte traduttive. I culturemi in Nada di Carmen Laforet


Abstract – In recent years, translation scholars have been highly interested in cultural aspects, developing theories and methods for practice – e.g. functionalist theories, the Skopos theory – that have deeply changed the attitude of translators toward texts, in particular literary works. This article is meant to reflect on some strategies adopted in my translation from Spanish into Italian of Carmen Laforet’s Nada novel, released in 2004. Particularly, special attention will be given to realia, linguistic units of extreme interest within literary translation, referring to the surrounding physical and sociocultural reality of the source text exerting a direct and crucial influence upon the process of translating.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v18p171

Keywords: realia; translation strategies; Carmen Laforet; Nada


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