Vol 8, No 2 (2022)

Special Issue: Contesting the Liberal International Order: Assessing the sources and impact of the current challenges

Guest Editors: Matteo Dian, Giulia Dugar

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Full Version Vol8 no2 Details     pdf

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229 & 318

Index Details     pdf

Special Issue Introduction

A post-Western World in the Making The Conceptual Framework Details     pdf
Matteo Dian, Giulia Dugar 233-245

Special Issue

The International Financial System and Its Discontents: China, Argentina, and the Contestation of Western-led Institutions Details     pdf
Carlo Catapano, André Leite Araujo 247-264

Gambling with the East, Challenging the Liberal Order. Hungary and Serbia Contesting European Union Normativity Details     pdf
Carlotta Mingardi, Riccardo Nanni 265-280

‘Contestation from Within’: US Escalating Aversion to the International Criminal Court and the Non-impunity Norm in the Trump Era Details     pdf
Cecilia Ducci, Flavia Lucenti 281-297

Global hegemonies, power, and identities: The Liberal International Order, the international community and international terrorism Details     pdf
Alice Martini 299-314

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Making of Global International Relations: Origins and Evolution of IR at its Centenary, by Amitav Acharya & Barry Buzan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019, pp. 392 Details     pdf
Kevin Nielsen Magat Agojo 315-316

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