Vol 7, No 1 (2021)

Politics and Policies of Constitutional Reforms in Times of Crisis and Great Transformations

Guest Editors: Adriano Cozzolino, Diego Giannone

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Index Details     pdf

Special Issue

Technocrats in (the crises of) the state. Political change and state transformations in Italy Details     pdf
Adriano Cozzolino, Diego Giannone 5-34

The Italian Emergency Regime at the Covid-19 “Stress Test”: Decline of Political Responsiveness, Output Legitimation and Politicization of Expertise Details     pdf
Valerio Alfonso Bruno, Pierpaolo Ianni, Giulia Pezzano 35-60

Translating Austerity. The Formation and Transformation of EU Economic Constitution as Discourse Details     pdf
Jens Maesse, Gerardo Costabile Nicoletta 61-94

The New Economic Governance: The Reaffirmation of a Fiscal Governance Machine Details     pdf
Vanessa Bilancetti 95-124

Draghi’s ‘Bumble Bee’ Challenges to Securitization Theory: a Comparative Analysis of Political and Media Discourses about the Eurozone Crisis Details     pdf
Galvao Debelle dos Santos 125-155

Cultural Policies as a Driver For A Participatory Transformation of Democracy in the European Union Details     pdf
Maria Francesca De Tullio 157-197

Research Articles

So Far, Yet So Close: Italian Parties’ Immigration Discourses During the Gentiloni and the First Conte Governments Details     pdf
Eric Repetto 199-239

Book Reviews

Constitutionalism Under Extreme Conditions: Law, Emer-gency, Exception, by Richard Albert and Yaniv Roznai (eds.). Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2020, pp. 452. Details     pdf
Clyde Ray 241-244

New Economic Constitutionalism in Europe, by George Gerapetritis. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2019, pp. 351. Details     pdf
Chiara Russo 245-248

Unrivaled: Why America will Remain the World’s Sole Super-power, by Michael Beckley. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2018, pp. 231. Details     pdf
Carlo Catapano 249-252

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