Vol 2, No 1 (2012) Special issue on Transnational Crime

Research Articles

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Yuliya Zabyelina 4-7

High Stakes, Low Strategies: the European Union and the Fight against Transnational Organized Crime in State-building Missions Details     PDF
Francesco Strazzari, Fabrizio Coticchia 8-23

Trajectories of the Discourse on Transnational Organized Crime: Biopolitical Wars and Global Civil Society Details     PDF
Diego Nieto 24-35

The Complexities of Narcoviolencia: Understanding the Mexican Drug Conflict as a Market of Violence Details     PDF
Jacob Parakilas 36-47

Candide, or Pessimism: Fighting Piracy and Transnational Crime in Uncharted Waters Details     PDF
Tom Syring 48-58

Myths and Reality of Human Trafficking: A View from Southeast Asia Details     PDF
Zbibniew Dumienski 59-66

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