Vol 6, No 2/2 (2020)

Community Psychology in Global Perspective - Special Issue: Communities in the face of climate change

CPGP - Covere-ISSN: 2421-2113
Editor in chief

Terri Mannarini (University of Salento, Italy)

Special Issue Editors

Maria Fernandes-Jesus, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), CIS-IUL, Portugal - School of Psychology, University of Sussex

Brendon Barnes, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Raquel Farias Diniz, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), Brazil

Assistant Editors

Serena Verbena (University of Salento, Italy)

Communities reclaiming power and social justice in the face of climate change Details     PDF
Maria Fernandes-Jesus, Brendon Barnes, Raquel Farias Diniz 1-21

Seeing more clearly: Communities transforming towards justice in post-hurricane Puerto Rico Details     PDF
Isabel Unanue, Sita G. Patel, Teceta Thomas Tormala, Carlie D. Trott, Angely Ann Piazza Rodríguez, Kyara Méndez Serrano, Lisa M. Brown 22-47

“Another Haiti starting from the youth”: Integrating the arts and sciences for empowering youth climate justice action in Jacmel, Haiti Details     PDF
Carlie D. Trott, Maria L. Rockett, Emmanuel-Sathya Gray, Stephanie Lam, Trevor L. Even, Susan M. Frame 48-70

African climate activism, media and the denial of racism: The tacit silencing of Vanessa Nakate Details     PDF
Daniella Rafaely, Brendon Barnes 71-86

"Nothing green can grow without being on the land": Mine-affected communities' psychological experiences of ecological degradation and resistance in Rustenburg, South Africa. Details     PDF
Garret Christopher Barnwell, Louise Stroud, Mark Watson 87-109

“This energy is clean, but here, on the dunes, it would be dirty”: Renewable sources of energy and socio-environmental conflicts in Galinhos-RN, Brazil Details     PDF
Tadeu Mattos Farias, José Queiroz Pinheiro 110-124

Impacts of climate change on rural poverty in the Brazilian Northeast and South Details     PDF
Elívia Camurça Cidade, James Ferreira Moura Junior, Verônica Morais Ximenes 125-139

Why we need to build a planetary sense of community Details     PDF
Donata Francescato 140-164

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