Vol. 4, n. 1 (2006)

TWReferenceNet: Second Annual Meeting at the HCMR (Athens-Greece) Details    

Two years of TWReferenceNet: products and activities Details    

WP1 Activities – Results and products Details    

WP2 Activities – Cross-country intercalibration of ecological status descriptors in Mediterranean transitional waters Details    

WP3 Activities – Legal protection of transitional waters in Greece Details    

News-01 1-2/06/06 Defining Reference Conditions of transitional water in the Mediterranean and Black Sea EcoRegions (1-2 June 2006, Kavala, Greece) Details     PDF

News-02 21-23/07/06 International Course on: Conservation and Sustainable Development of River mouth ecosystems, Wetlands and Lagoons (21-23 July 2006, Galati, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania) Details     PDF

News-03 Third Annual Meeting: Territorial integrity of the European Space: approaches and envisaged solutions to supporting governance of transitional waters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (30 November-2December 2006, Lecce, Italy) Details    

News-04 LaguNet Working Group: BENTOC Details     PDF

News-05 Transitional Waters Bulletin Details     PDF

News-06 Transitional Waters Monographs Details     PDF

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