Volume 4, Issue 2 (2010)

Reports & Articles

The recent history of the Tarquinia Salterns offers the opportunity to investigate parallel changes at the habitat and biodiversity levels Details     PDF
R. Cimmaruta, S. Blasi, D. Angeletti, G Nascetti 53-59

Morphological and molecular identification of a strain of the unicellular green alga Dunaliella sp. isolated from Tarquinia Salterns Details     PDF
S. Tempesta, M. Paoletti, M. Pasqualetti 60-70

Evaluating nestedness in a spatially structured detritus-based systems Details     PDF
B. Bellisario, F. Cerfolli, G. Nascetti 71-82

Low microsatellite variation in Aphanius fasciatus from the Tarquinia Salterns Details     PDF
R. Cimmaruta, D. Angeletti, A. Pontremolesi, G. Nascetti 83-93

Salinity and nitrate concentration on the growth and carotenoids accumulation in a strain of Dunaliella salina (Chlorophyta) cultivated under laboratory conditions Details     PDF
M. Pasqualetti, R. Bernini, L. Carletti, F. Crisante, S. Tempesta 94-104

The Ecological Restoration of the Tarquinia Salterns drives the temporal changes in the benthic community structure Details     PDF
B. Bellisario, C. Novelli, F. Cerfolli, D. Angeletti, R. Cimmaruta, G. Nascetti 105-114

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