Cuerpo propio y cuerpo otro: una recente riflessione sulla "fenomenologia del sangue" = Cuerpo propio y cuerpo otro: a recent reflection on the "phenomenology of blood"


The concept of the body, in contemporary phenomenology, is a complex, differentiated concept, as it can refer either to the body as matter, or as a bodily extension or, as flesh, as evidenced by the different interpretations from Husserl to Merleau-Ponty to Michel Henry to Helmuth Plessner. The purpose of this contribution is to discuss Marcela Venebra Muñoz's hermeneutic proposal, the thesis of a "Phenomenology of blood", a description of the founding and historical structures of human animality. Venebra starts from the observation that there is a connection between phenomenology and philosophy of existence; the transcendental project materializes rather as a philosophy of experience: a field of possible experience for a self-conscious subject. With the twisting of the phenomenology of the body into a philosophy of life, it would also be possible to restore vital lifeblood to the structuralist theories, which are based on Lévi-Strauss and thus restore the central and functional place to the elementary structures of the social.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXVIIn105p100

Keywords: Phenomenology of the Body; Philosophy of Existence; Structures of the Social

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