Attualità e importanza della fenomenologia per le scienze sociali. Alfred Schütz lettore di Husserl = Relevance and Importance of Phenomenology for Social Sciences. Alfred Schütz as Reader of Husserl


Aim of this work is to illustrate the comparison of Alfred Schütz with Husserlian phenomenology and his attempt to solve the question of intersubjectivity. In this regard, it will be shown how the solution proposed by Schütz, consisting in considering intersubjectivity not as a mere phenomenological question but as a fundamental category of human existence, allows the exit from solipsism, on which the thought of Husserl had run aground, and the foundation of a phenomenological sociology.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIIIn97p33

Keywords: Husserl; Schütz; Phenomenology; Intersubjectivity; Sociology

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