Egologia e Storia = Egology and History


Throughout Heidegger’s works it is possible to identify a relevant number of uses of the word “Selbstbestimmung”. Although en droit there is no possible thematization for a phenomenology of the Self, we believe that a discussion of its margin can en fait be developed in the phenomenology of Husserl. The aim of the current work is precisely to understand the presupposition of such notion and, consequently, of an experience, reflecting upon the possibility of an experience of the self. Nonetheless, our discussion would like to remain within the limit of the ongoing dialogue between phenomenology and Hermeneutic fostering the suggestions of the contemporary hermeneutics in showing the continuities and discontinuities between these two main philosophical stances. In the first part of the essay, I develop further insights between some fundamental Heideggerian notions, such as selbstbestimmung. In the second part, I outline the relationship between reflexion and life in Husserl’s phenomenology.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIIIn97p16

Keywords: Selbstbestimmung; Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Husserl; Heidegger

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