Filosofía de la razón viviente y hermenéutica dramática. Del drama de la razón a la razón del drama


In the light of a new "southern" style of thought (meridional or "mediterranean" philosophy) from the perspective of a "problematic and narrative reason", this essay proposes a "meditation" about a vital and poetic "dramatic reason". Such a perspective is in sharp contrast with the abstract, theoretical and contemplative one in which that same "poetical reason" is usually embedded. The goal of this essay is to show that, from a philosophical point of view, "dramatic reason" is the way "vital reason" (Ortega) exists inside "poetic reason" (Zambrano).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i18285368aXXXIn91p28

Keywords: Dramatic reason; vital reason; hispanic philosophy; Cervantes; Vico; Gracián; Ortega y Gasset; Zambrano; "Poetic Logic"; dramatic art; philosophical hermeutics; poetic thought

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