Critical metrics on symplectic and contact manifolds - 1990

David E. Blair Full Version (PDF)
(Quaderni di Matematica, 4 / 1990)
QdM_4_1990 - Cover

These notes contain a written version of a series of lectures on critical metrics on symplectic and contact manifolds delivered at the University of Lecce, 6-16 July 1990.
The content of these lectures is a study of Reimannian metrics which are critical points of various functionals defined on various spaces of metrics, especially those associated to a symplectic or contact structure and is based for the most part on some of the author's work and joint work in this area over the last few year.

Table Of Contents

Preface     PDF

Contents     PDF

The classical integral functionals     PDF
David E. Blair 5-7

Symplectic and contact manifolds     PDF
David E. Blair 7-10

Integrals of scalar curvatures on sympletic and contact manifolds     PDF
David E. Blair 10-14

Integrals of the Ricci curvature in the direction of the characteristic vector field     PDF
David E. Blair 14-17

The Abbena-Thurston manifold as a critical point     PDF
David E. Blair 17-19

Problems involving other integrands     PDF
David E. Blair 19-20

Bibliography     PDF

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