Towards a Visionary Approach for rural areas. From the key features to planning the future of LEADER - 2021

Marilena Labianca Full Version (PDF)
(Perspectives on rural development, 5 / 2021)
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e-ISSN: 2611-3775
DOI Code: 10.1285/i26113775n5

This book is the outcome of reflection on past observations, previous and current studies, discussion with scholars and international experts, seeks to provide a critical picture, both normative and constructive, of LEADER, with special attention to the local level, in view of the future programming, in order to better understand it through the examination of its main characteristics in which the transition from a territorial to a visionary approach clearly emerges.
The assumption that guides this work, explained in the course of the different sections, it is based on a misunderstanding created especially on an operational level. An attempt has been made to formulate a logical framework, summing up and comparing different and opposing approaches to LEADER (sectoral/traditional and visionary) emerging from the scientific debate, relevant European cases and field research.
The study reconstructs the main features emerged, taking into account the style and planning approach, the aims of a local project, the interpretation of innovation and of local resources, and the role of local actors. According to our assumption, these characteristics can reveal the approach adopted at the local level and can therefore be seen as indicators for the understanding, interpretation and self-assessment of practices. Our assumption is that the LEADER method should move in the direction of the visionary approach in order to achieve full implementation especially on a local scale.

Table of Contents

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Introduction     PDF
Marilena Labianca 9-18

LEADER approach: a starting point for review     PDF
Marilena Labianca 19-30

LEADER: basic features for a territorial approach     PDF
Marilena Labianca 31-40

Reading LEADER through the key features: European cases compared     PDF
Marilena Labianca 41-58

Reading LEADER through the key features: the regional case of Puglia     PDF
Marilena Labianca 59-82

Reading LEADER through processes, styles and approaches for planning     PDF
Marilena Labianca 83-96

Towards a visionary approach to LEADER?     PDF
Marilena Labianca 97-108

References     PDF
Marilena Labianca 109-116

Colophon     PDF

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