The Local Action Group and rural development by local actors: an Apulian case study, and a circumstantial method of assessing failure - 2017

Edited by Angelo Belliggiano, Angelo Salento Full Version (PDF)
(Perspectives on rural development, 1 / 2017)
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DOI Code: 10.1285/i26113775n1

In a research programme entitled “New forms of governance for strategic territorial development”, coordinated by me as part of a Research Programme of National Interest (PRIN) in 2009, an analysis was conducted on six European regions. One of these was Apulia, in Italy. And Apulia has figured in a variety of volumes already published, dedicated to the discussion of existing and new intermediate institutions as possible agents for development within the framework of EU policies.
This publication, while placed appropriately within the above noted research framework, is dedicated entirely to the region of Apulia. Accordingly, the discussion continues to focus on the same subjects, called upon to be protagonists, likewise the same strategies, and the same questions (answered only in part). Looking at the overall experience — or at least the substantial part explored here — the picture is disappointing. Perhaps because the expectations were too many or too high. At all events, the judgement of "failure" that recurs repeatedly in certain of the interviews is undoubtedly a worry.

Table of Contents

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Frontespizio e pagine iniziali     PDF

Contents     PDF

Contributors     PDF

Preface     PDF
Mario Caciagli 7-10

Introduction     PDF
Angelo Belliggiano, Angelo Salento 11-16

Territorialization and Europeanization of development. The case of Apulia     PDF
Stefano De Rubertis, Marilena Labianca 17-34

Institutional and administrative reorganization: the implementation of territorial cohesion policies in Apulia     PDF
Pierfrancesco Fighera 35-46

The role of intermediate institutions in community development. The case of LAGs     PDF
Cosimo Talò 47-58

The impotent governance: a theory of Local Action Groups' failure     PDF
Angelo Salento 59-70

Rural development and network failures: insights from an Apulian LAG     PDF
Angelo Belliggiano 71-84

Appendix     PDF

References     PDF

Colophon     PDF

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