Volume 28, suppl. 1 (2008)

g-natural metrics: new horizons in the geometry of tangent bundles of Riemannian manifolds Details     PDF
M. T. K. Abbassi 6-35

Flat locally homogeneous affine connections with torsion on 2-dimensional manifolds Details     PDF
Teresa Arias-Marco 37-47

Classification results and new examples of proper biharmonic submanifolds in spheres Details     PDF
Adina Balmus, Stefano Montaldo, Cezar Oniciuc 49-61

Sasakian geometry: the recent work of Krzysztof Galicki Details     PDF
Charles P. Boyer 63-105

Naturally Harmonic Vector Fields Details     PDF
G. Calvaruso 107-130

Subelliptic harmonic maps, morphisms, and vector fields Details     PDF
Sorin Dragomir 131-146

Survey on homogeneous geodesics Details     PDF
Zdenek Dušeki 147-168

Solvmanifolds and Generalized Kähler Structures Details     PDF
Anna Fino, Adriano Tomassini 169-190

Jacobi fields and osculating rank of the Jacobi operator in some special classes of homogeneous Riemannian spaces Details     PDF
J. C. González-Dávila, A. M. Naveira 191-208

2-harmonic maps and their first and second variational formulas Details     PDF
Jiang Guoying 209-232

Bi-harmonic maps and bi-Yang-Mills fields Details     PDF
Toshiyuki Ichiyama, Jun-ichi Inoguchi, Hajime Urakawa 233-275

About Fefferman-Einstein metrics Details     PDF
Felipe Leitner 277-293

Submanifolds of (para-)quaternionic Kähler manifolds Details     PDF
Stefano Marchiafavai 295-316

The spinor representation of CMC 1 surfaces in hyperbolic space Details     PDF
Emilio Musso, Lorenzo Nicolodi 317-339

The classification of simple Jacobi–Ricci commuting algebraic curvature tensors Details     PDF
P. Gilkey, S. Nikcevic 341-348

Intrinsic torsion varieties Details     PDF
Georgi Mihaylov, Simon Salamon 349-376

Stability and the first Betti number Details     PDF
Alessandro Savo 377-382

On Riemannian geometry of orthonormal frame bundles Details     PDF
Masami Sekizawa 383-394

Homogeneous pregeodesics and the orbits neighbouring a lightlike one Details     PDF
J. Szenthe 395-406

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