Volume 35, Issue 2 (2015)

Title pages Details     PDF

Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for the Navier Problems with Degenerate Nonlinear Elliptic Equations Details     PDF
Albo Carlos Cavalheiro 1-16

(m, p)-hyperexpansive mappings on metric spaces Details     PDF
Ould Ahmed, Mahmoud Sid Ahmed 17-37

A Note on Autocamina Groups Details     PDF
Harsha Arora, Ram Karan 39-50

Envelopes of slant lines in the hyperbolic plane Details     PDF
Takashi Ashino, Hisayoshi Ichiwara, Shyuichi Izumiya 51-67

On Nonlocal p(x)-Laplacian Problems Involving No Flux Boundary Condition Details     PDF
Anass Ourraoui 69-80

A ne distributions on a four-dimensional extension of the semi-Euclidean group Details     PDF
Dennis I. Barrett, Rory Biggs, Claudiu C. Remsing 81-97

Nested sequences of sets, balls, Hausdor Convergence Details     PDF
Pier Luigi Papini, Senlin Wu 99-114

We discuss the behaviour of sequences of sets: we consider convergence of sequences, in particular of nested sequences, with respect to preservation of some properties Details     PDF
Bérenger Akon Kpata 115-125

Index Details     PDF

Colophon Details     PDF

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