Volume 32, Issue 2 (2012)

Semistable genus 5 general type P¹-curves have at least 7 singular fibres Details     PDF
A. G. Zamora 1-4

Products of Locally Supersoluble Groups Details     PDF
A. Auletta, F. de Giovanni 5-11

Grassmannians of spheres in Möbius and in Euclidean spaces Details     PDF
E. Michalak, K. Pražmowski 13-21

Note di Matematica. Some Results Concerning to Polar Derivative of Polynomials Details     PDF
S. A. Baba, A. Mir 23-33

On the centrally symmetric ovals circumscribing invariant maximal quadrilaterals Details     PDF
N. Anghel 35-56

Fractional Dimensional Semifield Planes Details     PDF
L. Chen, M. Cordero 57-61

Space-like hypersurfaces with vanishing conformal forms in the conformal space Details     PDF
Y. Huizhang, S. Xia 63-71

C-totally real pseudo-parallel submanifolds of S-space forms Details     PDF
Kumar Tiwari Sanjay, S. S. Shukla, S. P. Pandey 73-81

Remarks on monochromatic configurations for finite colorings of the plane Details     PDF
Sukumar Das Adhikari, P. Rath 83-88

Real hypersurfaces in CP² and CH² whose structure Jacobi operator is Lie D-parallel Details     PDF
K. Panagiotidou, P. J. Xenos 89-99

(lambda, mu)-statistical convergence of double sequences in n-normed spaces Details     PDF
B. Hazarika, E. Savaş 101-114

Weakly normal subgroups and classes of finite groups Details     PDF
J. C. Beidleman 115-121

Totally Contact Umbilical Screen Transversal Lightlike Submanifolds of an Indefinite Sasakian Manifold Details     PDF
S. M. Khursheed Haider, M. Thakur, Advin Maseih 123-134

A Note on Groups with Just-Infinite Automorphism Groups Details     PDF
F. de Giovanni, D. Imperatore 135-140

On Certain Fractional Differential Equations Involving Generalized Multivariable Mittag – Leffler Function Details     PDF
B. B. Jaimini, J. Gupta 141-156

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