A new definition of a pseudo-rigid continuum


In the context of a purely mechanical development, the concept of a “globally constrained” continuum is employed here to construct a theory of pseudo-rigid bodies. The Cauchy stress tensor T for the pseudo-rigid body is assumed to be decomposed into an “active” part T(A),which is specified by a constitutive equation, and a “reactive” part T(R) ,which is called into play to maintain the global constraint. The theory generalizes one presented by the author in 2004, in which the active stress tensor was given by the same response function throughout the body, i.e., pseudo-rigid bodies were regarded there as homogeneous globally constrained continua. Material inhomogeneity is now admitted. A set of Lagrange’s equations follows as before.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15900932v27n2p43

Pseudo-rigid continua; Global constraints; Lagrange’s equations

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