Exiliados, transterrados y translingüistas desde y hacia Hispanoamérica


Exile is a constant drama in the history of Latin American countries and in Spain due to the numerous and violent dictatorships that forced a high percentage of the population to take refuge in other countries and the world wars that caused various emigrations to Latin America. But exile is often associated with a positive adaptation in the homeland of refuge that ends up being a second homeland and in this case the exiled person becomes translanded. Sometimes the change of country is associated with the change of language and in some cases the new language comes first and predominates over the original language, creating the case for translinguists. Here are some examples of intellectuals who emigrated to Mexico, such as Luis Buñuel or José Gaos; in Uruguay as Eugenio Coseriu and José Pedro Rona; and of other fugitives from the Argentine dictatorship, such as Juan Gelman, or Uruguayan dictatorship, such as Mario Benedetti. Finally, briefly, reference is made to other emigrants, victims of dictatorships such as the Uruguayans Alfredo Fressia and Saúl Ibargoyen Islas, to a exile for personal reasons, such as the Peruvian Jorge Eduardo Eielson, and to a translinguist such as the Peruvian César Moro.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22390359v50p11

Keywords: Bendetti; Coseriu; exile, Gelman; Rona


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