Globalization and Economic Crisis - 2013

a cura di Cosimo Perrotta, Claudia Sunna Full Version (PDF)
Globalization and Economic Crisis - 2013 - CovereISBN: 978-88-8305-097-8

This book derives from a fortunate series of research seminars held at the University of Salento during 2011. They were devoted to the theme “Globalization and Economic Crisis”. The seminars were organized by the two editors, Cosimo Perrotta and Claudia Sunna, and by the Centre for Economic Studies, for the Degree Course of Political Sciences, of the University of Salento.
Those meetings provided a world survey of general processes of globalization together with specific analysis of regional contexts. The latter approach allows to see the effects of these processes in very different national contexts. The collection of all these written texts will be certainly useful to people interested in this topic.

Table of Contents

Frontespizio     PDF

Indice     PDF

INTRODUCTION - Reconstructing the Debate on Globalization: from Optimism to Doubt     PDF
Claudia Sunna 5-18

SECTION I – Theories and Facts     PDF

1. Financial Globalization and Instability of the World Economy     PDF
Toshiaki Hirai 21-40

2. Globalization and Development     PDF
Sunanda Sen 41-48

3. In Defense of Globalization     PDF
George Bitros 49-72

SECTION II – Case Studies     PDF

4. The Self-Trapped Japanese Economy – An Overview     PDF
Toshiaki Hirai 75-98

5. Indian Economy and Society: Globalization and Economic Reforms     PDF
Sunanda Sen 99-118

6. The Origins of Economic Orthodoxy in Mexico     PDF
María Eugenia Romero Sotelo 119-164

7. The Change of Economic Institutions in Mexico: the NAFTA Era from 1983 to 2011     PDF
Juan Pablo Arroyo Ortiz 165-188

Biographical outline of authors and editors     PDF

Colophon     PDF

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e-ISBN: 978-88-8305-097-8