Rilievo della figura di Telemaco nell’Odissea. Fisionomia del personaggio e ipotesi per un modello di archetipo cognitivo - 2015

Lucia Errico Full Version (PDF)
(Centro di Ricerca sulle Lingue Franche nella Comunicazione Interculturale e Multimediale. Working Papers, 1 / 2015)
crlfcim-wp_1_2016 - CoverISSN: 2499-1449
ISBN: 978-88-8305-118-0
DOI: 10.1285/i24991449v2015n1

The core of this study is a formulaic representation of the character of Telemachus in Homer’s Odyssey, illustrated through the analysis of the semantic value of epithets and formulas which refer to concepts of wisdom, bravery, courage, judiciousness, as well as to the sphere of physical beauty and the condition of royalty. The character traits of Telemachus are also examined by highlighting the constant development of his clearcut personality, characterized by a correct fulfillment of the rules of ξενία (the predisposition towards hospitality that emerges very clearly in the reception reserved to Athena in the first book) and a pietas erga deos that prepares him to accept the projects of the Goddess, whose leading role has been observed here in the evolution of Telemachus from adolescence to maturity in search for his father who – as shown by textual evidence – represents an existential reference and an essential model of behavior for Telemachus. The behavioral profile of Telemachus is also outlined with reference to the Homeric civilization as well as to the mode of representation of young people in the Homeric Odyssey.

Table of Contents

Frontespizio     PDF
Lucia Errico 1-2

Abstract     PDF
Lucia Errico 3

1.Introduzione     PDF
Lucia Errico 4-9

2.La ξενία di Telemaco e il primo incontro con Atena     PDF
Lucia Errico 10-16

3.Telemaco e la pietas erga deos     PDF
Lucia Errico 16-17

4.Il ‘risveglio’ di Telemaco     PDF
Lucia Errico 17-20

5.Le mot fatal     PDF
Lucia Errico 20-21

6.Telemaco: un’identità improntata al κλέος     PDF
Lucia Errico 22-23

7.Caratterizzazione formulare del personaggio     PDF
Lucia Errico 23-26

8.Espressioni riferite a Telemaco     PDF
Lucia Errico 26-28

9.L’ ὑψαγόρης     PDF
Lucia Errico 28-33

10.La ‘cultura della vergogna’     PDF
Lucia Errico 33-35

11.Alcune riflessioni sulla rappresentazione dei giovani nell’Odissea     PDF
Lucia Errico 35-36

12.Prospettive di sviluppo del personaggio di Telemaco come modello originale di archetipo cognitivo     PDF
Lucia Errico 36-42

Conclusioni     PDF
Lucia Errico 42-44

Riferimenti Bibliografici     PDF
Lucia Errico 44-47

Colophon     PDF
Lucia Errico 48-49

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