Trust, hope, and identity in disadvantaged urban areas. The role of civic engagement in the Sanità district (Naples)


This study investigated the attributions of hope, trust and identity among non-profit organisation (NPO) operators and residents living in a disadvantaged social context characterised by the lively presence of a community network of groups and associations. In particular, it examined the impact of NPO activities on the daily and future lives of the inhabitants of the Sanità district, a neighbourhood of the city of Naples. On the one hand, the district is characterised by profound social decay; on the other hand, it possesses an immense artistic-cultural heritage. Twenty-four interviews with NPO operators, users, and residents were conducted and analysed using thematic content analysis. The study’s overarching aim was to investigate the role of hope, trust and social identity among members of the area under study, and more specifically to detect how the civic engagement of NPOs helps people living in disadvantaged urban areas to develop individual and collective perspectives of wellbeing and future opportunities.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i24212113v5i2p46

Keywords: Civic engagement, trust, identity, hope

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