Centre for the Study of Politics and Society - Working Paper Series

The CSPS-WPS welcomes reports of ongoing research or well-researched articles that raise questions about the way the world is politically, economically, and socially organized.

The CSPS-WPS presents theoretically-informed analyses of social and political processes. It presents articles by authors working at the frontiers of social and political sciences, providing a forum for an international community of scholars.

The coverage ranges across a broad landscape, from history to contemporary affairs, from treatments of individuals to nations to world culture, from discussions of theory to methodological critique, from First World to Third World.

The effort is to bring together theory, criticism and concrete comparative observation.

The CSPS-WPS is willing to consider also papers of substantial length (up to 50-60 pages) by filling the gap between quarterly publications and monographs.

It is a peer-reviewed international series. All submitted papers are then subjected to a double blind peer-review process.

* Publication in the series is free of charge *

The CSPS-WPS is published on behalf of the Centre for the Study of Politics and Society (CSPS) of the University of Salento. The Centre pays attention to contemporary political processes, even in historical and comparative perspective, without neglecting the development of processes related to structural changes in the capitalist mode of production (and of consumption). The CSPS looks closely at those studies that connect structural changes and political and cultural implications within an interdisciplinary approach and that are able to create scientifically fruitful connections between socio-historical processes, cultural and intellectual developments, and political-institutional articulations.

The CSPS-WPS is affiliated to the Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies Partecipazione e conflitto [PACO].

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