Virtualizing a Byzantine Crypt by Combining High-resolution Textures with Laser Scanner 3D Data - 2002

Jean-Angelo Beraldin, Michel Picard, Sabry F. El-Hakim, Guy Godin, Virginia Valzano, Adriana Bandiera, Christian Latouche Full Version (PDF)

Source: Proceedings of "8th International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia (VSMM2002)" - Gyeongju (Corea), 25-27/9/2002

In recent years, high-resolution recording of heritage sites has stimulated a lot of research in fields like photogrammetry, computer vision, and computer graphics. Numerous algorithms and methodologies have been proposed in the literature for heritage recording from photogrammetry and laser scanner 3D data. In practice, what a 3D photographer needs for photo-realistic 3D model building is a commercially available solution to this so-called as-built documentation. In this paper, we present such a solution. It is applied to the virtualization of a Byzantine Crypt where geometrically correct texture mapping is essential to render the environment accurately in order to produce virtual visits and apply virtual restoration techniques. A video animation has been created to show the results.

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