Water monitoring with hyperspectral techniques


1 - The poor of the world depends directly on water and other natural resources for their livelihoods. Water resources must therefore be managed in a sustainable manner in order to maintain the economic, social and environmental functions and to contribute to the livelihoods of people.
2 - Advancements in sensor technologies and processing algorithms have resulted in technical capabilities that can record and identify Earth surface materials based on the interaction of electromagnetic energy with the molecular structure of the material being sensed.
3 - Non-destructive and operative methodologies (NIR and Raman) will be tested through field surveys and laboratory analysis using Aquaphotomics approach. This approach requires precise measuring and mapping capabilities at field level of key data at a sufficient level of accuracy depending on the availability of equipment that must be also operated at a cost-effective way.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv9n1p11

Keywords: aquaphotomic; multivariate spectral analysis; pollution; waters

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