Ecological quality of Bahrekan coast, by using biotic indices and benthic communities


1 - The aim of this study was identifying macrobenthos biodiversity and an assessment of the ecological quality status of Bahrekan coast in Persian Gulf, using AMBI, Bentix indices according to softbottom marine benthic communities. Other ecological indices, such as theShannon diversity index (H`) and the species richness ( S ) were also applied and evaluated comparatively. 2 - In total, 111 genus/species were recognized, divided into 17 groups with gastropodas always dominant and the substrate in all of the stations was characterized as muddy bottom. 3 - The macrobenthic animals according to their sensitivity to an increasing stress gradient, were classified in 5 ecological groups. 4 - Due to the high dominance of species such as Pyrgohydrobia sp., Tornatina sp., Melinna sp., Cossura sp. and Sternaspis sp, diversity values were reduced. 5 - According to the results of AMBI, BI, Bentix, and H`indices Bahrekan coast is classified in slightly to moderate pollution status.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i1825229Xv4n1p25

Keywords: Bahrekan coast; Ecological status; Biotic index; Diversity; Macrobenthos; Persian golf

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