Prima segnalazione di monophorus amicitiae romani, 2015 (Gastropoda: triphoridae) e fusinus corallinus russo & germanà, 2014 (gastropoda: fasciolariidae) per il Salento


Salento represents the extreme south eastern tip of the Italian peninsula, washed to the west and south side by the Ionian sea and to the north east side by the Adriatic sea. The salentinian Ionian is a very rich and diversified sea and the mollusks diversity is documented in two recent articles (Trono,2006; Trono and Macrì, 2013) that continues the Parenzan’s work in Salento. One specimen of Monophorus amicitiae Romani, 2015 and seven specimens of Fusinus corallinus Russo and Germanà, 2014 are found in bioclastic samples from coralligenous bottom at the depth of 80-100 meters.Monophorus amicitiae is a recently described species of family Triphoridae,at the moment found only in the locus typicus (Tuscan Archipelago) and in the Egadi Islands (Delongueville and Scaillet, 2016).Fusinus corallinus is also a recently described species derives from Marzamemi (SR), not reported outside of the typical location yet.This note allows to expand further the known area of these two species and to bring the number of Salento known mollusks species up to 783 taxa,about 42% of the species known to the entire Mediterranean basin.<<>>Vengono segnalate per la prima volta nelle acque del Salento ionico Monophorus amicitiae Romani, 2015 e Fusinus corallinus Russo & Germanà, 2014, due specie di recente istituzione. Per F. corallinus si tratta della prima segnalazione al di fuori del locus typicus.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i15910725v38p143

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