Virtual Heritage: the cases of the Byzantine Cript of Santa Cristina and Temple C of Selinunte - 2004

Jean-Angelo Beraldin, Michel Picard, Sabry F. El-Hakim, Guy Godin, Eric Paquet, Shawn Peters, Marc Rioux, Virginia Valzano, Adriana Bandiera Full Version (PDF)

Source: Proceedings of "Tenth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia" - Softopia Japan, Ogaki City, Gifu (Japan), 17-19 November 2004

This paper presents a summary of the 3-D modelling work that was accomplished in preparing multimedia products for cultural heritage interpretation and entertainment. The two cases presented are the Byzantine Crypt of Santa Cristina, Apulia and temple C of Selinunte, Sicily. The core of the approach is based upon high-resolution photo-realistic texture mapping onto 3-D models generated from range images. It is shown that three-dimensional modelling from range imaging is an effective way to present the spatial information about those two environments. The integration of both photogrammetric and CAD modelling complements this approach. Results on a CDROM, a DVD, virtual 3-D theatre, holograms and video animations are presented for these projects.

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