Toward a unifed approach for the classification of np-complete optimization problems - 1979

G. Ausiello , A. Spaccamela Marchetti , M. Protasi Full Version (PDF)
(Quaderni di Matematica, 6 / 1979)
QdM_6_1979 - Cover

Various results on the properties of NP-complete optimization problems and on the characterization of these problems either with respect to their approximation properties or with respect to their combinatorial strutture have been presented in the literature.
In particular the authors have considered the approaches given by Paz and Moran (1977) and by Garey and Johnson (1978) because of the interest of their results.
These papers, are, without any doubt, very interesting and new results of remarkable importance have been captured. Nevertheless, it seems to lack an attempt of organizing all these results in a unified framework as general as possible.

Table Of Contents

Introduction     PDF

Basic concepts and terminology     PDF
G. Ausellio , A. Spaccamela Marchetti , M. Protasi 5-8

Truncated combinatorial problems and their properties     PDF
G. Ausellio , A. Spaccamela Marchetti , M. Protasi 8-17

Strong np-completeness and its relation to rigidity     PDF
G. Ausellio , A. Spaccamela Marchetti , M. Protasi 17-23

Conclusion     PDF
G. Ausellio , A. Spaccamela Marchetti , M. Protasi 23-24

Bibliography     PDF

Index     PDF

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