Process innovations and growth - 2005

Antonella Nocco Full Version (PDF)
(Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Matematico-Statistiche dell'Università del Salento - Collana di Economia, 69/33 / 2005)
R&D activity exerts its e effects in a variety of ways. It may increase the number of patents of different varieties of goods or the quality of existing goods. However, we suggest it may also result in process innovation, given that patents of new goods may be associated with more productive production processes. This, in turn, explains heterogeneity of firms in productivity levels. As a consequence, the growing economy is described by a succession of moving equilibria in which the scale e effect can be offset, provided that some conditions are met.

Table of Contents

Introduction     PDF

Consumers' and firms' behavior     PDF
Antonella Nocco 6-9

Product and process innovations     PDF
Antonella Nocco 10-14

Moving equilibrium     PDF
Antonella Nocco 14-22

Structural changes and the scale effect     PDF
Antonella Nocco 22-24

Conclusion     PDF

Bibliography     PDF

Appendix A     PDF

Appendix B     PDF

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